Tuesday, July 8, 2008


In the summer, isyak masuk pukul 11.30 malam, subuh pulak pukul 2.30am and pukul 4.30am dah terang benderang. Kadang-kadang payah sangat nak bersengkang mata nak menunggu masuk waktu. Kakak pun selalu terlentok dan terkangkang lepas penat bergurau.


tentangseseorang said...

sapa la tukang snap tuh yer?

dmystify said...

assalamualaikum din, syukur alhamdulillah you seem to be doing better nowadays. I hope your family's fine as I can see from your blog, which I happen to stumble upon by accident and discovered a little more about your perjuangan karipap tanah air. Take care old friend and may Allah bless you and your family. Wassalam

DIN said...

sapa lagi.. mak nyer lah!

waalaikumsalam salam boss,
thank you for stopping by. yes, alhamdulillah i am in much better shape than i was last year :)

i will be back for raya in sept/oct and will definitely love to catch up with you in person.

it's been two years since we merantau - how time flies!