Monday, August 25, 2008


All the very best to Pak Sheih and freinds.


dmystify said...

bro, for a different perspective, check this out for the latest on Permatang Pauh or you maybe familiar already

DIN said...

thank you asri :)

loving technology lah. tak payah ada kat sana, tapi bahang sama terasa.

we are 7-8 hours behind, after lunch gmt dah tau result kot...

peh...kecut perut!

boh tong said...

Bro, how's Manchester? Must be having beautiful weather now huh?
I've been there b4 cos SIA,my previous employer,flies there.

DIN said...


manchester is always clowdy - if not rain... but the mancunian and everyone in uk always call this heart of great britain 'sunny manchester'


boh tong said...

As a S'porean I rejoice with u guys for the way DSAI thrashed his opponents in yesterday's election.
Keep in touch Bro.. my blog is at ( I blog about airline stuff)